Personal Trainer

Amanda has a long background in martial arts and started Karate as young as 6 years old. She is an avid kick boxer and is very passionate about all aspects of training and improving performance.

Amanda has successfully completed a 12 month internship at Zenith Performance and studied hard to become a very competent and talented trainer.

In the short time that Amanda has been working as a trainer she has produced some great results with our clients and has begun to set the bar for all upcoming personal trainers and coaches.


SAFS Fitness Trainer

SAFS Kundenberater

SAFS Fitness Betreuer

Santa Barbara College Liberal Studies:

  • Sports Nutrition & Personal Health Awareness
  • Weightlifting Beginner & Intermediate

12 Month Personal Trainer Internship with Zenith Performance

FSH Semper-Fi Fat Loss Seminar

Precision Nutrition Coach

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1

Kilo Online Program Design

Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner – Applied Biosignature Transformations

Anatara Körperhaltung

Anatara Core-System

Antara Beckenboden

Antara vor und nach der Geburt