Beno has had a great result from our transformation bootcamp. We made simple changes to his diet which he adhered to about 80% of the time ;-). He trained really hard with us 2-4 times a week depending on work commitments and has managed to drop 15kg within 6 months.

Guy has been training with us for a few months. We are ticking off his goals 1 by 1. His main priorities are to increase mobility and strength which have come on leaps and bounds. In 2018 its time to get jacked: pick on some more muscle mass and get super lean. Watch this space for more on Guy’s journey.

A. was unhappy with how he looked in his swim shorts last summer. We packed on some muscle and stripped some fat so that he was able to tan with confidence this summer! 😉

IFBB Bikini Athlete Nicole struggled to get her posterior chain firing properly and came to us with some serious hip-dysfunction. We provided therapy and training get her back on track and to allow her to build great glutes she needed to complete her figure. She went on to compete and take 1st Place overall in the Swiss Nationals. We played an important role here in getting Nicole back to fitness and enabling her to train and compete at this professional level. We must mention that outside of the intense rehabilitation period she went through with us, Nicole’s coaching, training and nutritional protocols were provided by our friends Burak and Candice over at If you are serious about competing in a physique competition and stepping on stage then you need to check these guys out.

Tobi is an online client, a busy manager that made steady and positive progress month after month. This 12 month transformation consisted of 2x 12 week intensive training and nutritional adherence with 2x 12 week periods of maintenance training, flexible dieting and stress regulation. This allowed Tobi to put the breaks on after an intense period of training in order to recover properly and maintain a work/life balance.

Alex struggled with getting into a deep enough position to complete a full-ranged squat. His lack of good ankle and hip mobility caused him to fall backwards when attempting to reach full depth with an upright torso. The picture left shows his range when he came in for a therapy session; the picture right is 15min later. We are experts in increasing range and function of the muscle and joints in record time.

J. trained 3 times a week with us, followed all of our instructions and made this transformation in just over 6 weeks! Hard work pays off.

D. came to us for nutrition and training advice, he lost nearly 30kg of fat!

Claudia used our 8 week fat loss bootcamp to reduce her love handles and get in great shape.

120kg down to 72kg. A. put in some real hard work in the gym and stuck to simple but very effective nutritional advice to change her body.

Gaby trained with us 3x a week for a period of 5 months to strip fat, build muscle and reveal her abs 😉

Already in pretty good shape when he came to us, Mario wanted to fine-tune his training and nutrition to put on some more lean muscle mass and drop some body fat.