Transformation Bootcamp JAN-JUN 2020


6 months professionally periodised training and nutritional advice

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • Tips and tricks to improve performance and recovery
  • Understanding of an array of topics surrounding fitness and health

All of this for just CHF 275.-/month

Package Details:

Phase 1    12 Weeks


  • Correct strength and mobility discrepancies
  • Increase strength and muscle mass; learn correct form for the essential exercises
  • Implement the pillars of a healthy diet
  • Initiate fat loss

4x 3 Week Training Block

Block 1:   06.01-26.01

Block 2:   27.01-16.02

Block 3:   17.02-09.03

Block 4:   10.03-29.03

3x Training/Week (approx. 45-60min, depending on training block):

Training times:

TUE & THU  18:30     SAT  09:00


Phase 2    12 Weeks


  • Preserve muscle mass and continue to increase strength during this fat loss phase
  • Improved performance in conditioning/energy systems training
  • Detailed nutritional strategies to increase the fat loss process
  • Strive to achieve ‘Beach-Body-Ready’ status

3x 4 Week Training Block

Block 1:   30.03-26.04

Block 2:  27.04-25.05

Block 3:  26.05-22.06

3x Training per Week (ca. 45-60min, depending on Training block):

Training times:

TUE & THU  18:30     SAT  09:00

I am a beginner and have never trained. Can I still take this course?

Of course! Whether you have years of training experience or you are a complete beginner, you will profit from this program. Within the group we will adjust exercises and intensity to suit your fitness level.

What if I can’t make every training session?

No problem! For every training block you will receive an extra plan that can be carried out at home or in another fitness center. Even if you are away on holiday during this 6 month period we will provide you with a personalised plan to train with whilst away so that you keep up with the program.

I have some limitations due to pain and/or injury. Is this program suitable for me?

This really depends on the injury or source of pain. We suggest you get in touch with Head Coach Matthew Wilson and he can advise whether or not you will be able to participate in this course or whether we can provide a more specialised service for your recovery/pain management.

Do you have more questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help: