Here at Zenith Performance we believe that optimum nutrition plays an essential role in improving health and performance. We have a three step approach that we apply to our clients:

What? – We teach the importance of consuming a wide variety of nutrient dense foods that provide the body with what it needs to function optimally. Today we can find so many foods on our supermarket shelves that have very little nutritional value, are packed with ‘empty calories’ and can ultimately wreak havoc with our health. We aim to help our clients to identify what foods fall under the ‘nutritionally dense and healthy’ category and which do not.

How much? – Depending on the client’s goal, whether it is fat loss, increasing muscle mass or maintaining their current body composition, the volume of food (especially calorie dense foods) will play a role in helping them that achieve goal. We teach our clients the correct balance between energy consumption and energy expenditure that they need for their desired outcome.

When? – The timing of certain nutrients can also play an important role in achieving the desired body composition goal. In some clients, situations may present themselves where the consumption of a certain type or volume of a macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates or fat) could prove to be disadvantageous.

We provide a guideline of what to eat, how much and when it should be eaten in order to optimise health and performance. Initially we advise our clients to make very slight nutritional changes that are simple and easy to comply with and then we just tweak as we go. We have found this method of small and steady changes to be the most effective way of establishing eating habits that support an active and healthy lifestyle. This way, our clients achieve continuous, positive progress instead of having a complete overhaul of their current eating regime, which can often be very daunting.

Our trainers have undertaken a variety of accredited nutritional courses and we consult with some of the industry’s leading bodies on a regular basis. We strive to stay up to date with a wide range of nutritional topics; the review of nutritional journals, articles and studies is a big part of our trainers’ further education criteria.