After 6 months of finding myself going from one hospital to another, cortisone shots, ultrasound sessions, multiple therapists without anyone being able to relieve the sharp pain in my hamstrings (because they had no idea what was causing it), a friend working in the fitness industry recommended Matt to me saying “If one person can help you, it’s definitely Matt” – and she was so right 🙂 After 1 session with him, he diagnosed the problem… well one of them (lol) and 2 days later the pain in my hamstrings was gone!!

I also have issues with both my knees (after a motorbike accident a few years ago, I now find myself with very poor quality cartilage… arthritis level 4 was the diagnosis and I was unable to walk up the stairs without having sharp pains) and although this is not reversible, Matt really helped in giving me a tailored program to strengthen the area. I can now train at the gym and walk pain free!! I could go on with the other injuries (sciatica nerve trapped after a back operation) especially since I am now training more intensively (I’m a walking disaster!) but I will just finish this testimonial by saying that Matt is a real “life saver”, he doesn’t just look at the injury, he looks at the bigger picture, sees the imbalances – he doesn’t just stare at the painful area.

I have recommended him to many of my friends who are also very happy with their recovery. I now travel one hour just so that he can fix me up 🙂

― Lydia Maurer – Senior Marketing Manager & Fitness Fanatic